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Another poem 4 all of ur plesures


I got some news for today
Somthing to take all our problems away
The news i cannot bare
Therefor I have to share
A comet is heading for us
To turn our world to dust
It will be here in nine little years
Here to drown all of our tears

I see these people walking by
Not knowing there ganna die
Such a wonderful thing to be
So really care free
I wish i was that relaxed
But my fear has grown to its max
On the floor, I cant help but crawl
As I think about that big fire~ball

Then I think for a while
As I grow a big smile
As I look in the sky, My fear begans to fade
Deep down inside lies the pain people made
When the time reaches dawn
My hurt will be gone
When my body is deceased
I'll finally rest in peace

The only way to kill the pain inside
Is if i finally died
Is that what I want, what I need
For my soul to be freed
Then as I look to the skies
My fear begans to rise
I hope this ism is fake
I hope its a mistake....

They say in nine years
We'll be rid of our fears
But until we reach that time
Our fears will incline
Look at the people driving down the street
Saying hello to every one they meet
Being so really care free...

Oh, how I wish that was me.
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