Stand into the Mountain. (rosehomesick) wrote in let_alone_poets,
Stand into the Mountain.

Io ti usero.

     I'll allow you to hate me because believe me, I would use you.  Watch me with your eyes shut tight.  I thought that I was normal, now I just don't know.  You're nothing more than a melody in my head.  I'm afraid to open my door.  So paranoid of someone waiting there.  I know your face, I've seen you before.  Throw me against the wall and dig your nails into my neck.  I'll let out my most senseless wail.  Your ears crave the pitch, feed on me.  Feed on me.
     The paint spewing from my aorta, the fountain in your backyard that you always wanted.  The vision only lasted for the mere minutes.  So you can try and hang yourself but you won't have to worry, because the string isn't strong enough to keep you up.  And you can try to taste the sour bullet from a pistol in the back of your throat, but the ammunition has already been eaten.  You're stuck here with your eternal itch that you just can't seem to please.  You'll never wake up from your daydreams.
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