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"Father Figure"

My soul revolves around you
You cant stand anything I do
All your screaming and your bullshit
Make me cry and I'm sick of it
Why cant you back down
Why cant you turn around
Oh god the feelings I feel
Will this pain ever heal

I want this to go away
Cant stand it no more
Why do you say the things you say
Stop pushing me to the floor...
I don't want to feel it any more

My whole life I've felt like dirt
The things you say they make me hurt
I am hopeing that in time
We can put all this crap behind
A real father figure is all I need
To come and help me stop the bleed
No more can I keep up this fight
My soul dies down inside...


I take a look in the mirror
And somehow it starts to make sense
Of where this kid lost his innocence
They told me what I didn't want to hear
There the ones who grew the fear
I feel inside...

The images turn red
Inside the pictures in my head
I will never be the man I see
In all of my fantasies

Now look at what you did
All I see is a paranoid kid
The kids growing up and now feels the hate
Cant belive you all decided his fate
He's looking in the mirror and suddenly realizes
I can never face the man I see
Staring back at me...

I will never be the man I see
In all of my fantasies
But I'll always be the fag on my knees

"The Lonely Outcast"

Help me if you can
I'm lying here, Just a man
Trying to fit within the crowd
Not really knowing how
Waiting and waisting my life away
Hoping somthing good will come one day
Wishing I will find
My own peace of mind

Don't want to face this world again
Waiting for someone's hand to lend
Hiding fearfully on the ground
Trying to stand up while you all bring me down

Lonely outcast is a hurtful phrase
When we al try to escape this maze
Two words that make us feel really dumb
Something we all never want to become
People treat you really cold
Hurtful things I was told
Now all I really pray
Is for all of them to go away

"Lost Again"

People come
Their funs begun
Now I deal with so much hate

Wont let me be
They pick at me
And lead me to my fate

My destiny
I cannot see
They bug until I cry

Cant take no more
I'm out the door
Maybe they all should die

My life's a mess
I'll try my best
I think I need a friend

I stay so tame
They call me names
Oh man, I've lost again

Our souls collide
My hearts just died
I think I'm going to blow

They laugh in vain
I feel the pain
My feelings I dare not show

I run away
I dare not stay
Man, I need some dignity

I look around
I fall to the ground
I've lost again you see

Hope u enjoyed.... ill show more later
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