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In God we trust.

name or nickname:: Vanessa
age:: 16
favorite bands:: The Pixies, The Cure, Bright eyes, Joy division.
2 -3 pictures::

who you promoted us to:: _dollsex

now, dont get the idea that i'm a religion freak because of this poem, but this experience actually happened to me, last night.

there was a paper flower floating on the wind letting God beat it to shreds, it floated into my window while i was taking my meds. i watched as it fought the wind and landed in my paint. i picked it up to find the writings of a saint. how the words spread on the page was the writing of a child, unformatted, sloppy, dirty, wild. but it read clearly what we all must do, so i got angry and put the flower under my shoe. this task wasn't life threatening, wasn't unheardof. and this is the message that i get from above? i cant hold on to these teenage stresses. they will keep making my life pools of blood and messes. i've heart many things but this is a bust...

the flower reads clearly,

in God we trust.
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